Compendium of Approaches for HVRP

Compendium of Approaches for HVRP

The Compendium of Approaches for HVRP is a customizable operations manual designed to provide assistance and orientation to new Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) grantees and new employees hired to work for existing HVRP grantees, including program managers, case managers, job developers, outreach specialists, and other positions that will work with HVRP veterans. This Compendium may be useful to HVRPs seeking to create an operations manual for their program. The material in these approaches is based on best practices and promising practices from the field and from the available research literature.

This manual doess not supplant U.S. Department of Labor-Veterans Employment Training Service (DOLVETS) guidelines, policies and rules.  It is intended to be supplemental and offers grantees a template that they can tailor and use as their own HVRP operations manual. Such a manual can guide program activities and offers infrastructure to support the skills and practices of staff. It should help HVRP staff do their jobs, do them better, and do the work consistently over time by following a uniform but flexible set of approaches.

The Compendium of Approaches for HVRP contains the following chapters


1. Collaboration and Community Partners
2. Outreach and Client Recruitment
3. Client Interaction and Documentation
4. Case Management
5. Supportive Services
6. Housing Placement
7. Employment Plan (IEP)
8. Job Readiness
9. Interview Process
10. Employer Development
11. Training Activities
12. Job Development
13. Job Placement
14. Employment Retention
15. Participant Follow Up

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Overview and History

Compendium Forms

Documenting the practices used with Veterans in an HVRP is an important staff activity. HVRPs design forms to support the kinds of practices that are required by rules and regulations, and to support particular approaches that program planners choose to implement in their HVRP. This Sample Forms section, includes a variety of forms that could be used to document HVRP practices. The presentation of these forms does not mean NVTAC or US DOL-VETS endorses any particular form as required, or as an approved form. These forms were collected from service providers and are only intended to help program planners develop forms and tools that will serve the needs of their program.

The forms this section are samples for your perusal and information. If program planners would like to use or modify any of these forms for their use, we encourage you to do so.

This Compendium forms is broken down into eight categories to assist you in reviewing them. The categories include:

  1. Intake and Assessment
  2. Homeless Certification
  3. Participant Agreement
  4. Individual Employment Plan (IEP)
  5. Job Retention
  6. Progress Notes
  7. Client Folder Organization
  8. Miscellaneous Forms

Although we removed attributions for these forms, we are grateful to those service providers who contributed forms to this collection. If you have any questions or wish to contribute your forms to this collection, please contact us at