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What is NVTAC training and technical assistance (TTA)?

NVTAC offers specialized training and technical assistance to meet Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP) needs. All TA is designed to help grantees build capacity and improve the quality of services offered to homeless veterans who are seeking employment and housing. Year-round, NVTAC receives and processes requests from HVRP grantees—as well as stakeholders from government, nonprofit agencies, philanthropy, employers, and others—for help building their capacity to help end veteran homelessness.

Technical assistance (TA) can be broadly defined as the timely provision of new knowledge, along with new technology, tools, and solutions, to those who do not know about it. TA includes specialized, tailored advice and customized support to resolve specific problems and to increase the recipients’ capacity to better manage their services and program. NVTAC TA is intended to help grantees make use of information and cutting-edge knowledge to improve program outcomes, staff performance, and program operations; solve problems; and set and achieve objectives.

Examples of TA topics include: program planning, program service design, conducting outreach to recruit HVRP participants, integrating evidenced-based practices in HVRP, using labor market data in job-driven training, recruiting and retaining staff, strategies to improve job retention services, documenting goal planning and service delivery, offering services to engage employers, integrating HVRP with housing programs, etc. NVTAC TA is individually tailored to meet grantees’ needs and considers staffing patterns, program location, goals, resources, and other elements that uniquely impact a particular HVRP. TA may be delivered onsite, in virtual conversations or meetings, or by video conferencing, and it is most commonly provided by an NVTAC staff member in a 1:1 ratio or small-group consultation.


Training can help staff expand their knowledge, enhance their skills, and maintain a positive attitude in order to help clients reach their goals. NVTAC emphasizes on-the-ground competencies through webinars, virtual learning classes, and field training for HVRP staff.

Webinars provide exposure to a topic that is aimed at increasing participant awareness. Our webinars motivate staff to put what they learn into practice and to consider new ways of helping their clients. Whether the webinar is 60 or 90 minutes, we pack each one with information from experts, opportunities for interactive dialogue, case examples, and a translation of what the information means for practice.

Virtual Learning Classes (VLCs) are compact courses that usually meeting twice a week for 4 to 5 weeks and focus on a challenge facing HVRP staff. Whether it’s our summer VLC aimed at staff new to HVRP, our course on meeting the employment needs of justice-involved veterans, or our most recent offering about how HVRP organizations can meet their missions through social enterprises, classes are based on best practices and backed by research findings. Led by two NVTAC faculty, each class session is 60 or 75 minutes and often includes homework.

Field training involves NVTAC faculty going to HVRP communities to deliver training onsite, ideally for one or more HVRPs and their critical partners. NVTAC experts can address many topics, and we tailor training to the needs of each HVRP and its circumstances. For example, in a Northeast community, HVRP staff were challenged by homeless veterans who seemed disinterested in making much-needed changes, but who expressed a goal of wanting to get a good-paying job. NVTAC staff crafted a 1-day workshop to help HVRP staff, American Job Center Veteran Representatives, and their Supportive Services for Veterans Families partners use basic Motivational Interviewing skills to engage veterans in adopting personal change strategies to do what is required to reach their goals.

What should you expect if you request TTA?

Your TTA request will be handled by a qualified NVTAC staff member who will work with you to understand your needs and those of your HVRP team, plan the kind of TA or training that will most likely help HVRP staff increase their skills and understanding of a certain topic or issue related to your request. As a general rule, TTA is highly interactive, includes the sharing of information and materials, and is planned with the full participation of the HVRP.

Who delivers TTA?

Depending upon the request and your needs, qualified staff will be deployed to assist you in meeting your HVRP needs. TTA could be provided by one of our staff or by external consultants.

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