VLC on Social Enterprises

VLC on Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are a new approach to meeting our most pressing social needs by combining the best attributes of the marketplace with the passionate commitment of the social sector. Social enterprises are mission-driven businesses that simultaneously generate earned revenue and social impact. The company REDF is a leader in providing funding and technical assistance to social enterprises that focus on hiring and assisting people who face barriers to work.

This course was designed to give participants an understanding of social enterprise and the role it can play in addressing today’s economic challenges. Through case studies, exercises, and group work, participants will learn what it takes to start and run a social enterprise. Over the course of 10 sessions, participants used REDF’s business development frameworks and lay the groundwork for developing their own social enterprise. In this interactive class, participants develop an idea for a social enterprise, test the viability of their concept’s financial performance, and test its social impact potential, as well as plan for real-world implementation of their ideas.

Module 1: Introduction to REDF and Social Enterprise

Module 1 Slides

Module 2: Barriers to Employment

Module 2 Slides

Module 3: Feasibility Analysis and Venture Criteria

Module 3 Slides

Module 4: Employee Supports

Module 4 Slides

Module 5: Social Enterprise Case Studies

Module 5 Slides

Module 6: Business Model Canvas

Module 6 Slides

Module 7: Social Costs and Double-bottom Line Accounting

Module 7 Slides

Module 8: Marketing Social Enterprise

Module 8 Slides

Module 9: Social Enterprise Pitch Competition

Module 9 Slides

Module 10: Course Wrap-up

Module 10 Slides

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