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BP1 Partnering with Employers for Job-Driven Training

  • Engage employers
  • Identify labor needs in growth industries
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BP2 Outreach Strategies

  • Raise community awareness about veteran employment
  • Build relationships with referral sources
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BP3 Employment Assessments

  • Engage veterans to identify their occupational goal, preferences, and timeline
  • Determine strengths, challenges, and training needs
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BP4 Helping Veterans Transition to Jobs and Keep Them

  • Use Motivational Interviewing and other relevant tested practices
  • Individualize a job retention plan, incentives and follow along supports
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BP5 Benefits Counseling

  • Use case management process that helps veterans access benefits and services.
  • Access knowledgeable and skilled staff in VA, SSA, and other benefits.
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BP6 Establishing Partnerships with Transitional and Permanent Housing

  • Establish in-place strategy to enroll veterans in HVRP before they enter permanent housing
  • Integrate housing options within the parent organization or through partnerships
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BP7 Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Staff

  • Hire veterans on staff
  • Build the HVRP team
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BP8 Measuring Outcomes

  • Use HVRP results to inform program decisions and make improvements
  • Engage HVRP participants in program evaluation activities and data analysis
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BP9 Braided Funding

  • Secure additional funds to support HVRP mission
  • Use additional funds to supplement or enhance HVRP activities (e.g., incentives)
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BP10 Services to Specific Target Populations

  • Tailor services to certain populations, such as: women veterans, justice-involved veterans, younger veterans, and more
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